Our History
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Our History

From our founder

In 1999, the worsening family problems in Hong Kong caught my attention: parents do not communication with their children; care or amity in many families are in rapid decline. From the beginning of time, mothers play a crucial role in shaping the fortunes of the family and its members. My heart went out to the girls who are deprived of a normal home.

It is my conviction that a girl with a happy childhood will build a happy family when she grows up. I am convinced that the bleak destiny of a girl void of love, if given a caring home experience, will be upturned. I vowed to enable every girl who has lived in the Home to become a caring mother one day.

Caring for the feeble and under-privileged is the pledge of the Franciscan Mission in which I belong. With the Mission’s full support, the Home Care of Girls was founded. The Home is to provide a caring and supportive environment for its residents to experience compassion and have their wounds nursed and healed. Revived and annealed, these girls will learn to reciprocate love and become a mother of a happy and harmonious home.

My only wish for each of the girls having experienced love and care at the Home, they would learn to reciprocate this compassion, and when moving on in life, able to find a proper job, make a decent living, and build a better future for herself and the ones she loved.

- Sr. Ho Kwai Ping, Agnes FMM

Our History

HCG was first established on August 30, 1999, in an apartment unit located in Boundary Street, provided by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

In December of 2000, the Home relocated to an apartment in Argyle Street on loan from Dr. Chan Un Chan.

To meet rising needs, a second home was established in Kwong Wah Street in 2005. In 2007, the two homes conjoined in the same Argyle Street building.

In 2011, the building was sold for redevelopment and the homes had to be vacated. The original plan was to relocated into the Home's own property in Mei Foo Sun Chuen. However, Mei Foo residents branded the Home as bad influence to the neighbourhood and vehemently opposed the move. HCG was forced to move to a temporary site in Shatin.

In October 2013, with the help from many generous benefactors, HCG established its current operations in Tsing Yi and increased its service capacity to 26 persons.

In 2015, with the generous support of the Franciscan Sisters, the Home extended its service to provide short term residence to girls of age 18 - 24.

HCG is a registered non-profit charity organization. It receives no government aid and depends solely on donations.

Home Care for Girls

Rm 207-214, Ching Kwai House, Cheung Tsing Estate, Tsing Yi