Board of Directors
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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Home’s Board of Directors is a group of dedicated and passionate professionals with deep conviction to serve society. Using their specialist knowledge in many fields, they guide the Home in fulfilling its social responsibility.

Sponsor and Board of Directors
Patron Dr. Ho Chan Un Chan BBS
Founder and Permanent Honorary Chairman Sr. Agnes Ho (FMM)
Chairperson Mrs. Minnie Li
Vice-Chairperson Mrs. Agnes Wong
  Ms. Grace Yen
Secretary Ms. Agatha Lee
Hon. Treasurer Ms. Agnes G. Yeh
 Board Members Mr. Stephen Shik Ngor Char Barrister at Law
  Mr. Peter Ko
  Dr. Vincent Tse
Hon. Legal Advisor Mrs. Fiona Yim
Hon. Auditor Cheng & Cheng Ltd.
  Certified public accountants
Center-In-Charge Ms. Elf Wong

Home Care for Girls

Rm 207-214, Ching Kwai House, Cheung Tsing Estate, Tsing Yi